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Description of core packages:

Thera-Clean Microbubble bath: This is not your typical bath. It is a Thera-Clean therapy bath. A bath that not only deep cleans the hair of your pet but more importantly, it deep cleans the skin using nothing but micro bubbles. Dirt accumulated inside the pores is one of the causes of bad odor. To ensure an even deeper clean, we add an all natural plant enzyme that helps loosen the dirt and debris that is stuck on the skin wall that we can’t see. No soaps, shampoos or any chemicals of any kind are used in this process. It is completely hypo allergenic. When pets are experiencing allergies or skin sensitivities, the avoidance of soaps, surfactants and chemicals can prove extremely beneficial. A Thera-Clean bath reduces odor, reduces itching, ensures no additional skin irritation and improves results of other skin therapies that your groomer or veterinarian may be recommending.

Bath & Nail:  Bath and dry with appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Nails are trimmed. Ears are plucked (if applicable) and cleaned. There is no hair removed off dog.

Bath & Tidy:  Bath and dry with appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Pads shaved, nails trimmed, face feet and bum cleaned up.  Full brush out. Also includes sanitary trim.

Pet Clip:  Bath and dry with appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Pads shaved, nails trimmed, ears plucked (if applicable) and cleaned, body is shaved with clippers and ears and tail are trimmed. Face is shaped and trimmed to liking. Also includes sanitary trim.

Cat Bath & Brush:  Brushed out, Washed and dry,  Sanitary trim around bum.

Cat Lion Clip: Shaved with short blade. Nails are trimmed tail is shaped into a poof on the end or left long. Head is either blended into body or a mane of any size can be left.

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Book an appointment for any of our services online any time - day or night! We will confirm your appointment through e-mail when we receive it. If you need to get in touch during business hours, check our contact details.

The time it takes for a grooming appointment varies.  They vary due to, the condition of your pets coat, the type of hair cut you would like, and the other appointments that are scheduled for your groomer that day.  When you drop off your pet, we can discuss how long we will need your pet to be with us, and when would be convenient for you to pickup your pet.  If you need your pet done very quickly we can schedule an express groom for them, for an extra cost, which needs to be pre-booked.

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